Maine residents report seeing a monkey on the loose

Residents of Portland, Maine, reported seeing an unusual animal on the loose in the city — a monkey.

Anna McMurchy said she spotted what she believes to be a monkey running across Congress Street and climbing a fence on the other side Monday afternoon.

McMurchy posted about her encounter Wednesday in a Portland-area Facebook group, leading some locals to report similar sightings in the same area.

Troy Jason said he spotted the monkey near Deering Oaks on the same day as McMurchy’s sighting.

“I took a closer look and I’m certain it was a monkey,” Jason told the Bangor Daily News.

Beth Taylor Weyand said her daughter may have spotted the same animal.

“My 3-year-old daughter said she saw a monkey in that area a day or two ago,” Weyand wrote in a reply to McMurchy’s Facebook post. “She has an active imagination so I chalked it up to that, but I guess I need to give her more credit.”

McMurchy said she reported her sighting to the Greater Portland Animal Refuge League.

“They didn’t seem to take it too seriously,” McMurchy said.

She said she looked at photos online and believes the monkey may have been a young rhesus macaque.